I began my interest in recording and producing simply by being in studios as a guitarist and wanting to understand as much of the process as possible. My very earliest experiments involved a tiny 4-channel mixer, a cassette recorder and a stereo video recorder. I would bounce tracks between these 2 devices while overdubbing other sounds.

Now, of course, my studio is a fully digital affair with an almost limitless number of available tracks along with a bottomless pit of plug-ins for sound creation and processing.

The studio is housed in a comfortable wooden log cabin – a place where artists feel comfortable and able to work.

I don’t have a fixed way of doing things – the process will depend on so many factors, not least of which are the artist and the material itself. Because of my strong links with the world of theatre and film, I have done lots of spoken word and voice-over recording including producing radio plays for theatre companies.

It is almost impossible to choose just one example to represent the breadth of material that I have worked on but here is a piece that I co-composed and recorded at the end of 2016. This is a setting of a Charles Causley poem that I made with Alexander Beckett, Saulius Jegelevičius and Pearl Love.

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