Peter West, Music Publishing Services

‘Having known Phil for many years and been aware of the skilful and imaginative music he’s written I have been waiting in keen anticipation of the next stage in his compositional development, and I have not been disappointed. Today I listened to “Waiting in the Wings”, and was totally engrossed – to the extent that I listened to the whole 1 hour 15 minutes. This is minimalism with a new slant. It has the edgy rhythms of his rock guitar past, some bluesy feel too, but what I found most intriguing was the sense of narrative that binds it all together. At every moment there is a sense of purpose and direction which is rarely found in minimalist composers these days. I look forward to hearing a lot more from him.’

Charlotte Bond, Artistic Director of Light Theatre and General Manager of Kneehigh.

‘Phil brings a wealth of experience, skill and musical knowledge to a project. He is intuitive, creative and thorough. He’s a delight to work with.’

Eloise Malone, Director of Effervescent

‘Phil is a brilliant practitioner with the technical and person skills to collaborate with a range of people – from those with expertise in their fields to those who have never engaged with the arts before – to craft beautiful, perfectly-formed, unique work.

He makes people feel strong, powerful, and genuinely heard by collaborating gently and respectfully with them.

In realising a project, his attention to detail; his ability to pull together complex technical requirements; and his absolute commitment to making every work world-class, is why Effervescent has been collaborating with Phil as our sound designer of choice on films, performances and gallery installations, for nearly ten years.’